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Call Me When You Land

Title: Call Me When You Land
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jared is on his way to Australia. Jensen receives an early morning phone call. (Set just before Jared flew to Sydney for the Supanova Convention.)

The cell was on silent, but the vibration against the bedside table was more than loud enough to wake Jensen. He grabbed for it, his slitted eyes catching the red digits on his clock and eventually making sense of them. 5am. He cursed as he flipped open the phone, immediately recognising the name and picture on the display. “Do you have any idea what the fucking time is, Jay? Just because you’re winging your way across the fucking Pacific. What are you doing calling from the plane anyway?”

“You’re so sweet in the mornings, Jen.” Jared replied, unperturbed, and then his voice deepened, taking on a note that Jen knew all too well. “I miss you.”

Jensen cleared his throat and mumbled something like, “I miss you, too.” He still wasn’t entirely comfortable with all the niceties Jared seemed to think they needed to share. They were still guys, dammit.

“Do you know what I would be doing if I were there right now?”

“I have some idea.” Jensen smirked. Jared was like a horny teenage boy, always ready to go. He couldn’t say he minded. Jensen shifted down on the mattress, already stroking his hand down his chest and stomach.

“Yeah, I bet you do. I’d be watching you touch yourself, making me hot for you without so much as a word, making me want to reach out and caress.” Jensen blushed slightly because Jared had pegged him so accurately. “Yeah, that’s right, watching you stroking down lower and lower…but I don’t let you wrap your fingers around yourself. I take you in my own hand, hold you a little too tight…just the way you like it.”

Jensen moaned, holding himself just the way Jared did. His hands were smaller, but with Jared whispering in his ear, it had the desired effect. Then something occurred to him and he stopped dead. “Jay? Where are you? Who can hear you…”

“Geez, Jen. I’m in the bathroom. No one is listening but you. Now focus.” He made a huffy sound and Jensen could see Sam’s pissy look on Jared’s face. “It seems that this isn’t going to be enough this morning. You need me to really make you lose it. I’m more than willing. I’ve still got my big hand wrapped tight around you, and now I’m jacking you…slow and hard…swiping across the head to spread the moisture down over all of you. You feel that, Jen? Can you feel me pulling on you?”

“Yeah, Jay.” Jensen choked out. Damn kid was far too good at this, pitching his voice just right.

“Mmmhmm.” Jared hummed his approval. “Now I’m using my other hand, reaching down under you…searching…” Jensen shifted so he could reach down too, knowing what Jared was searching for. “Right there…yeah, you feel so hot under my fingertip. I’ll bet you’re squirming, trying to make me push in, just a little…” Jensen pushed his finger in, and the burn of the dry entry raced up his spine, spilling out of his mouth as a sharp hiss. Jared was silent for a moment, then, “Jesus, Jen, did you just…”

“Keep going.” Jensen’s voice was a desperate growl.

“My fingers go away…” Jensen whimpered. Damn Jared and his instincts. “But only because I’m reaching for the lube.” Jensen did as instructed, coating his fingers without any further prompting. “Now they’re back, and the first one slides in…nice and slow…in and out, just a little stretch. Now another…you’re really writhing now, aren’t you? Know how you love having my fingers in you, love the way they press…right…there…” Groaning, Jensen did just as Jared was suggesting, his body shaking. “You’re so close now, bet you can taste it. And I’m a nice guy, so I jack you a little harder, little faster, and each jerk makes my fingers press into you just right, until…”

Jared!” Jensen comes, right on cue, and he might have been embarrassed if he hadn’t been ready to sink through the mattress. In his dazed state, he didn’t hear the soft click of the front door opening and closing.

“And now…it’s my turn.” Suddenly, Jared’s voice is in stereo, and Jensen looks up at the man standing in his doorway.

“What are you doing here? You left last night. You should be half way to Australia by now.” Jensen frowns.

“I changed my flight to this morning, but we’ve gotta’ hurry. I don’t have long.” Having so said, Jared flipped his phone shut and crossed the room. With barely a pause, he reached down and pushed two fingers straight into Jensen, making the older man jerk in pained pleasure. No matter that Jensen was a tall man himself, two of Jared’s fingers were about the size of three of his. The added stretch had him moaning and his cock stirring once more. Jared grinned, that wide, crazy, happy smile of his. “You ready, Jen?”

Jensen’s answer was to hand over the lube. Jared had unzipped and released himself in an instant, immediately slicking himself up and moving into position. The quick, almost desperate push inside had Jensen keening and scrabbling at Jared’s shoulders. It was too much, too fast, but Jared was all the way in and content to wait for Jen to catch up. Finally, he wrapped his knees around Jared’s slim hips, and they were good to go. Jared started to thrust, slow and steady, but met no further complaint from his lover, and so changed the speed and depth to a satisfyingly brutal rhythm. Jen was arching up into him, small sounds of pleasure escaping his throat, his green, green eyes wide and dazed. Jared suddenly, inexplicably, wanted more.

With a surprising show of grace and strength, Jared had managed to kneel back up, pulling Jensen with him. The new angle caused Jensen’s own body weight to impale him impossibly further on Jared’s cock, and he bowed back with a cry. Jared held him close, so the only thing either man could move was his hips, and continued to thrust up into him. Leaning down, Jared captured Jensen’s mouth, swallowing down all those sweet sounds he loved so much. He reached down and wrapped his hand around Jensen’s once again firm member and began to stroke in time with his thrusts. He felt the moment it became too much for the smaller man; a tautness to the lax body, the increasingly tight grip of muscles, and then the wetness spilled, hot and thick, over his hand. That was all Jared had needed, and he too came, giving back to Jen the cry he had just swallowed.

They collapsed for a moment, catching their breath side by side, but then Jared was hauling himself to his feet and trying to clean himself up as best he could. Jensen just watched him with drowsy, satisfied eyes. “I really hate to fuck and run, but…”

“You have a plane to catch.” Jensen smiled. “Knock ‘em dead Down Under, Jay.”

“I’d rather be here with you.” A grown man should not have been able to pout like that without looking ridiculous.

“Well, naturally.” Jensen smirked, all Dean Winchester confidence.

“Jen?” Quieter. “I really will miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Jay.” And Jensen didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. “Hey, and call me when you land!”

The End
Tags: call me when you land, jared/jensen, nc-17, rps, supernatural
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